Picture Hanging Rails

At Home or at the Office, in the Gallery or in a Museum, the wide assortment of our Picture Hanging Rails we offer, are all a perfect match in any type of interior or working enviroment.


  • Mini Rail

    If you are looking for an elegant and practically unnoticable picture hanging system, then take a look at our GeckoTeq Mini Wall Rail or the patented Newly R10 and Stas mini rails. Together they are the the smallest and most innovative in the world.

  • Basic Rail

    To integrate a flexible suspension picture-hanging system into your home can be done easily and quickly with our basic rail systems. In three easy steps you attach most of our rails on your wall

  • Ceiling Rail

    Transform your suspended ceilings into a virtually invisible picture frame suspension place! The ceiling rail is specially designed for mounting and attaching to the wooden side-bar of the ceiling.

  • Gallery Rail

    The Gallery Rail is a picture suspension system that is often used in a gallery and with exhibitions. Thanks to the open J-shape your decorations can hang safely and are easily interchangeable

  • Lighting Rail

    This is a picture frame suspension rail with an integrated 12V lighting system. These rugged systems are designed for the perfectionist and offer unprecedented suspension and lighting options.

  • Paper Rail
    A practical paper presentation system, ideal for sharing information at home, school or office. 
  • Cornice Rail
    Deco Rail, a picture hanging system behind the cornice. There are many different styles of cornice rails and this hanging rail can be installed behind every available type.
  • Picture Rail

    A picture rail prevents that your plaster wall crumbles or gets damaged when you strike a nail in the wall. Hang your framing instead simply on a picture rail with perlon cord and a gallery hook