Picture Hanging Hooks

Hang your wall decorations safe, elegant and flexible onto our suspension systems. With the various hooks you can hang your paintings, picture frames and other wall decorations perfectly and quickly.


  • Self-Locking Hooks

    These Self-Gripping Hooks have a spring mechanism on the inside that makes the hook lock itself on the wire, without the use of a screw-bolt.

  • Screw-locking Hooks

    These hooks are suited for the hanging of lighter wall decorations. They are adjustable by a manual adjustment screw and are applicable to perlon- or steel wires having a thickness of 2.0 mm.

  • Hooks for J-Rail

    With the use of Hanging Rods, a J-Rail or Gallery Rail is the ideal rail for quickly changing your wall decorations. Also a hook with a steel or an invisible perlon wire creates a reliable combination.

  • Hooks for 4x4 rods
    Despite their own light weight are these hooks perfect for habging very heavy wall decorations. Only suitable for our 4x4 Gallery or J-rail rods as normal or with safety brackets. 
  • Wall & Partition Hooks

    We have a solution for almost all walls, partition walls and wall panels. The wall and partition hooks are available in a variety of different types and sizes.

  • Sliding Springs for J-Rail

    These Sliding Springs are to be used in combination with 3mm Suspension Rods. Very simply adjustable by using your thumb and index fingers. Also possible to hang multiple items on one rod.

  • Museum Gallery Hooks

    Hang your wall decorations from partition walls or a Picture Dado Rail without installing a metal Picture Hanging Rail. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours.

  • Suspended Ceiling Hooks

    These suspended or dropped ceiling hooks are very relaible and are ideally suited for use with in-store promtions or in any office. Availble as a screw, click, magnetic or self-adhesive option.